President Trump Reaches out to Shake Hands with Hurricane Maria Victim and What Happens Next is INCREDIBLE

President Trump and First Lady Melania visited hurricane damaged Puerto Rico today to survey the damage and work with local agencies trying to get aid to the desperate people of the island.

Trump and Melania toured the area and met with local people affected by this disaster in San Juan, Puerto Rico’s largest municipality.During one interaction with a citizen who was clearing debris from the street, President Trump walked up to shake his hand and ask him about his situation and how he survived the record breaking winds that befell the island.

The governor asks who the man credits with helping him survive the hurricane. The man is overcome with emotion so President Trump helps.

“You know who helped him? God helped him.”

The man nods his head vigorously and reaches out to shake Trump’s hand.

In times such as these, we need to turn to our faith to heal us and remind us what is right and sacred in this world. President Trump knows that with winds over 150 miles per hour, the loss of life could have been so much greater than it was and he credits the Lord.

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